The Missing Middle

The Missing Middle

The Missing Middle

Many of you sit uncomfortably within this bracket. Every month, you have enough to make ends meet, but not enough to cover unforeseen emergencies. Furthermore, you and your family are marginalised within a certain income level and generalised stereotypes. You need external support to rise above your current standard of living in line with your earned potential.

You are the hardest hit by unprecedented changes in South Africa.

The poor do struggle, however other than the risk of being evicted from informal settlements or falling victim to squatter campfire or being as prone to criminal attacks as every other South African, they have had to learn how to survive and are happily provided for by the government.

Then those of a higher net worth are privileged with access to support and facilities that ensure convenience and continuous productivity.


You can rest assured knowing that you have Affinity Rescue.

We know that many middle-class South African live with the daily stresses of remaining aligned with the rising costs of living. Staying alive shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We know that months are not the same, simply because no matter how stable your monthly household income is, South Africa’s current affairs can prove to be unfairly life-threatening for you and your family.

Load shedding can expose your home to a higher risk than either of the extremes of South Africa’s population. Staying safe, staying warm and staying alive can be more expensive for you.

Read on to learn how cold exposure can harm your family, as well as how Affinity Rescue can help you survive this winter.

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